Monday, April 11, 2011

New Camera!!


My new camera~ :D sjdsj;aljsfkhs I am in LOVE with the Macro feature, and 16x zoom. It’s a Canon Power Shot. And I have a snazzy case for it too.

=w= I’ve already taken like 200 photos and I JUST got it yesterday. XDDD


It was an early graduation gift from my Aunt and Nana.

I got it yesterday when I went into BG to volunteer at the Humane Society, and go to church.

The camera specifics are:

Model: Canon Power Shot SD1300 IS
Digital ELPH

Color: Light Blue

16x Zoom

Macro, Flash, and Video settings

Can photograph vertical or horizontal
Screen moves with the direction the camera is tilted.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

[Cosplay] WIP Ed Elric Cosplay! :D

My Edward Elric cosplay is started! \o/


I recently acquired some pieces of my friend Alex's old Ed cosplay.
He was never going to wear it anymore, and I have always wanted to cosplay Ed so he gave the coat and the wig to me.

The coat he bought at a thrift store and modified it, using extra fabric to make a hood, but didn't get to hemming it. That'll be my job. ^-^
The wig was his first sharpie dying he did the day before YoumaCon '09 and it's really bright ILR but it'll do for now, till I can get my own wig. ^^

Friday, April 1, 2011

[Con recap] Animarathon 9 photos, update.

Ahahaha....Long time no update lol.

Animarathon 9 preview:

He came to Animarathon 9 as its first guest~

So March 26th was Animarathon 2011!!
It was amazingly awesome for all the bad crap that happened, but I still had fun. ^-^

I spent about 12 hours on my feet, taking photos and running around, with my Yusei wig on. Also I have a small gash on my forehead from my wig cap...I wore my wig for about 12 hours....I'll never do that again. >.<

I took 295 photos altogether. Although I would've had 300+ but I accidentally deleted the Howl and Sophie shoot I had. T.T Those were great photos....OTL And they aren't in my Recycle Bin. :< I digress.


DeviantART (Photos are..around xD)

See you all soon on my next update~