Tuesday, April 16, 2013

[Cos Construction] Koga Notes // 04.13



I noticed today when I looked at my partial costume for Koga, his skirt was a bit too short long ways around, that will be solved by sewing scrap fur into the gap once I get lining.

Might make a new headband, the one I have is cut sloppily, and I do have extra fur somewhere....I think. ^^;; All the parts are pretty much cut, I just need to measure again, and pin things to see about fitting.
I made everything when I was thin....and now I'm not. I'm kinda not gonna wear him until I'm thin again, but I want to work on the parts I can try on and take progress photos of.

Writing notes both on paper and computer, will get every piece step-by-step jotted down and summarized. Creation process is slow due to low funds and motivation haha....

More notes to come soon with photos!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

[Cosplay Spotlight] Kirihara Naoya -- NHG

Early last year, I caught wind of an anime called Night Head Genesis. I had seen pictures on  Tumblr of the anime and then watched it. After I had seen it, I literally bugged Alex to watch it as well, and he ended up loving as much as I did :D

It's the story of two brothers, who have special powers due to being able to use the hidden 70% of their brains. Normally regular people, according to the show can only use about 20% of their brain. Naoto is the older brother and Naoya, the younger.

Kirihara brothers: Naoto & Naoya

So in light of watching it, we decided to cosplay it. I ended up throwing together a really bad Naoya cosplay in the early weeks of May, and took it out for a photoshoot with a friend.

One of Naoya's I guess trademark things is to get flashes of horrible visions of event that cause him pain. When he gets them he holds his head screaming "Help me, Nii-san!!" xD I found that rather amusing.

In the same month I cosplayed Naoya, Alex saw my photos and I thought he should try Naoto! And he did~ (Though now that coat is modified for Saito. ^^;;)

I've also written a fan fiction for for the show lol. (Don't read unless you want/don't care for spoilers!!)

Monday, April 8, 2013

[Event recap] 4.6.13 // Cosplay Picnic & Photoshoot

The day before yesterday, Saturday, I attended a Cosplay Picnic & Photoshoot with my friends. Now, mind you, when the terms 'Party' and 'Photoshoot' are mentioned among our group of cosplayers on Facebook, it usually triggers a response. Now, the whole thing was very last minute, posted days before the desired date, and though many said they'd attend, only around maybe 12 people showed.

I ended up waking up late that day, and quickly called my ride, (My friends Little Chris and Sempai) and they told me they'd be at my house in 30 minutes. Scrambling to make a Cup Ramen and get dressed and pull on my wig, a knock came at the door. THEY WERE EARLY! Letting them inside and getting my pants on, I headed out the door, after putting stuff away. Before getting out however, my Nana had put out some food for me to take, and $10! As surprised as I was, I just grabbed the bag and zipped out the door.

On the road, we stopped at Dollar General to get some snack items and I grabbed Bobby Pins, and a Coke, I needed something to hold back the bangs of my wig, which was an issue since they just fall into my face and I can't see. We ended up getting two bags of chips, and four Two Liters of Pop, put the stuff in  the trunk and were on our way again.

When we got to Wildwood, we waited in what we thought was the Manor House, we had no clue the Manor House was actually further into the park. Cori, the party head, came to get us, along with some other people who had come for the walk. Some had to change into a cosplay so we left them there and headed back to where everyone was. As we walked, I happened to look to my left to see Alex, wandering around. He was I guess looking for a bathroom, when, lo and behold there was one set of restrooms close to where we were. xD

Gathered around a bench we all chatted a bit, and said hello. A few minutes later, a Park Cop came over asking about Alex's Saitou swords, apparently someone had seen them and told the man about them. Everything was settled, for the most part, when we said they were made out of wood, and only props.

For the Photoshoot part of the afternoon, Cori had gotten ahold of one of my friends from my Photography classes at Owens, Amanda! I was real happy to see her, it was nice. She was going to take pictures for us, and she got down everyone's name, character, and series. :D

I then suggested we should move, as we had a fair amount of people gathered now, and needed a bigger area. Cori suggested we migrate over the the Gazebo not too far from where we were, everyone agreed and we moved. Once over there we got settled and people grabbed cans of Pop Cori had brought, and sat down.

Pretty soon, Cori wanted to start shooting, and gave me her camera to use, which I was more than happy to do. <3 Amanda and I took people, one at a time out to the grassy area and shot them, having them do different poses and things related to the character.

Bethany as Aerith: By ritzy-kun

I really liked using Cori's camera, it reminded me of one I have, but don't use since it's a really cheap one, and takes AAA batteries. xD Then the time came for Alex to get a shoot, and I jumped at the chance to finally shoot his Shinsengumi Haori!!! (I'm pretty sure that's what it's called)

Saitou drawing his sword: By ritzy-kun
Andddddd ATTACK! By: ritzy-kun
I also shot Cori, in her cosplay of an OC?? (I think) Named Daryn. :3

Daryn on  the Ratlines By: ritzy-kun
And, one of the last shoot were with Chris and Sempai, as Yukio (Ao No Exorcist) and Taiwan (Hetalia) They were soooooooooooo cute~ *0*

Couple o' Cuties By ritzy-kun
After all was said and done and people had to leave, Shrimp and Scoot showed up xD They had gotten there late, but it wasn't too big of a deal. We all hung out, took pictures, and I shot video of us all derping around as usual, and Alex and them doing Maji Love 1000%, which I'll have up on my YouTube soon~

[Event recap] 3.9.13 // Cosplay Party

So, back in March, my friend Chris A. wanted to hold a small party just for the heck of it, cosplaying was welcomed. On the day of, I got up and around to get ready, pull on my costume, and wait for Chris to call me when he was close to my house. I was in my WIP Kaoru Kaidoh cosplay from Prince of Tennis.

Posing for a photo: By Shrimp Tempura
Once my friends, who were also getting a ride from Chris came over to my house, and Chris came, we all got in the car and headed out. It was about a 45 min drive out to Oregon, and then we all piled out of the car, going into the house and into the basement.

Chris with his morpher: By ritzy-kun
After being down there for a bit, some other people came, and we set up food and drinks downstairs. Getting a bit antsy, my friends, Shrimp and Scoot, along with myself, decided to go outside to take pictures of their costumes (Shirmp was a maid and Scoot was Casual Natsuki from UtaPri)

Shrimp, Scoot, and I: By Shrimp Tempura
I also got pictures taken! :D

When we were taking pictures, who happened to show was none other than Alex!! He had come as Casual Tokiya. <3 He looked really handsome and I couldn't stop snapping photos of him x//3 I got a whole bunch and they turned out amazing, only needing minor editing. I'll share a few.

Alex as Ichinose Tokiya: By ritzy-kun
Doki Doki~: By ritzy-kun
Scoot and Alex: By ritzy-kun
After he got there, the others wanted to dance to Maji Love 1000%, and Shrimp and Scoot decided to derp around lol, it was funny snapping pictures of them.

Shrimp & Scoot dancing: By ritzy-kun

 Then, after, I got some video, and more photos of everyone dancing~~
Video: >HERE< Alex took the dance videos I shot with his camera and put then on his YT >HERE< :3

Here come the pictures!!!

And that's all. After that, we went back in and hung out until Alex had to go, and said goodbye. My friends and I ended up spending the night there and went home Sunday afternoon. ^^

Sunday, April 7, 2013

[Update] // A return to Blogger

Well, it certainly has been a while since my last post. 2011, June. (Though I deleted a few older posts, the last one, that is now gone, was posted then.)
Anyway, I'm back to keep this blog updated and full of interesting cosplay shenanigans.

To start off, I will give an updated run through of this and what it will contain, as I've been sorely absent from it for over a year and a half.

--This blog will contain, but is not limited to (each with their own entry):

  • Cosplay Plans
  • Construction Notes/Pictures (Whole Costumes)
  • Videos
  • Convention/Cosplay Even Recaps (With Photos)
  • Piece-By-Piece Construction (Single parts versus the whole)
  • Cosplay Musings/Rants
  • Cosplay Photographs (Of others)
  • My Personal Cosplay Photographs
  • Cosplay Spotlights (of my older work)
The first new entries in this blog, will simply be recapping a few earlier parties I've attended along with many, many amazing photos. :3
Also, the latest entry I will soon post holds exciting news for my convention wise~ <3