Monday, April 8, 2013

[Event recap] 3.9.13 // Cosplay Party

So, back in March, my friend Chris A. wanted to hold a small party just for the heck of it, cosplaying was welcomed. On the day of, I got up and around to get ready, pull on my costume, and wait for Chris to call me when he was close to my house. I was in my WIP Kaoru Kaidoh cosplay from Prince of Tennis.

Posing for a photo: By Shrimp Tempura
Once my friends, who were also getting a ride from Chris came over to my house, and Chris came, we all got in the car and headed out. It was about a 45 min drive out to Oregon, and then we all piled out of the car, going into the house and into the basement.

Chris with his morpher: By ritzy-kun
After being down there for a bit, some other people came, and we set up food and drinks downstairs. Getting a bit antsy, my friends, Shrimp and Scoot, along with myself, decided to go outside to take pictures of their costumes (Shirmp was a maid and Scoot was Casual Natsuki from UtaPri)

Shrimp, Scoot, and I: By Shrimp Tempura
I also got pictures taken! :D

When we were taking pictures, who happened to show was none other than Alex!! He had come as Casual Tokiya. <3 He looked really handsome and I couldn't stop snapping photos of him x//3 I got a whole bunch and they turned out amazing, only needing minor editing. I'll share a few.

Alex as Ichinose Tokiya: By ritzy-kun
Doki Doki~: By ritzy-kun
Scoot and Alex: By ritzy-kun
After he got there, the others wanted to dance to Maji Love 1000%, and Shrimp and Scoot decided to derp around lol, it was funny snapping pictures of them.

Shrimp & Scoot dancing: By ritzy-kun

 Then, after, I got some video, and more photos of everyone dancing~~
Video: >HERE< Alex took the dance videos I shot with his camera and put then on his YT >HERE< :3

Here come the pictures!!!

And that's all. After that, we went back in and hung out until Alex had to go, and said goodbye. My friends and I ended up spending the night there and went home Sunday afternoon. ^^


  1. It was a maji fun party lol. So much dancing and total randomness..omg. XD

    1. Yes, Chris' parties are always a blast~ xD It was great to see you as Tokiya, and made me more excited for Ittoki.

    2. Indeed! xD Thank you. I think you will like seeing me as Tokiya in his Starish outfit too lol. I can't wait to see you as Ittoki.

    3. x///////3 I can't wait!! From what I've seen in pictures and video it looks real pretty~ Awe thanks! I hope I can pull him off well, I may just be casual for ACen when I wear him then, I'm so excited.