Tuesday, April 16, 2013

[Cos Construction] Koga Notes // 04.13



I noticed today when I looked at my partial costume for Koga, his skirt was a bit too short long ways around, that will be solved by sewing scrap fur into the gap once I get lining.

Might make a new headband, the one I have is cut sloppily, and I do have extra fur somewhere....I think. ^^;; All the parts are pretty much cut, I just need to measure again, and pin things to see about fitting.
I made everything when I was thin....and now I'm not. I'm kinda not gonna wear him until I'm thin again, but I want to work on the parts I can try on and take progress photos of.

Writing notes both on paper and computer, will get every piece step-by-step jotted down and summarized. Creation process is slow due to low funds and motivation haha....

More notes to come soon with photos!


  1. Glad to hear you're taking up work on Koga again. Can't wait to see your prog pics ~

    1. It's gonna be a lot of work, I've kinda had him on the back burner since late last year. I want this to be an amazing costume, so I'm putting all my heart into it.