Monday, April 8, 2013

[Event recap] 4.6.13 // Cosplay Picnic & Photoshoot

The day before yesterday, Saturday, I attended a Cosplay Picnic & Photoshoot with my friends. Now, mind you, when the terms 'Party' and 'Photoshoot' are mentioned among our group of cosplayers on Facebook, it usually triggers a response. Now, the whole thing was very last minute, posted days before the desired date, and though many said they'd attend, only around maybe 12 people showed.

I ended up waking up late that day, and quickly called my ride, (My friends Little Chris and Sempai) and they told me they'd be at my house in 30 minutes. Scrambling to make a Cup Ramen and get dressed and pull on my wig, a knock came at the door. THEY WERE EARLY! Letting them inside and getting my pants on, I headed out the door, after putting stuff away. Before getting out however, my Nana had put out some food for me to take, and $10! As surprised as I was, I just grabbed the bag and zipped out the door.

On the road, we stopped at Dollar General to get some snack items and I grabbed Bobby Pins, and a Coke, I needed something to hold back the bangs of my wig, which was an issue since they just fall into my face and I can't see. We ended up getting two bags of chips, and four Two Liters of Pop, put the stuff in  the trunk and were on our way again.

When we got to Wildwood, we waited in what we thought was the Manor House, we had no clue the Manor House was actually further into the park. Cori, the party head, came to get us, along with some other people who had come for the walk. Some had to change into a cosplay so we left them there and headed back to where everyone was. As we walked, I happened to look to my left to see Alex, wandering around. He was I guess looking for a bathroom, when, lo and behold there was one set of restrooms close to where we were. xD

Gathered around a bench we all chatted a bit, and said hello. A few minutes later, a Park Cop came over asking about Alex's Saitou swords, apparently someone had seen them and told the man about them. Everything was settled, for the most part, when we said they were made out of wood, and only props.

For the Photoshoot part of the afternoon, Cori had gotten ahold of one of my friends from my Photography classes at Owens, Amanda! I was real happy to see her, it was nice. She was going to take pictures for us, and she got down everyone's name, character, and series. :D

I then suggested we should move, as we had a fair amount of people gathered now, and needed a bigger area. Cori suggested we migrate over the the Gazebo not too far from where we were, everyone agreed and we moved. Once over there we got settled and people grabbed cans of Pop Cori had brought, and sat down.

Pretty soon, Cori wanted to start shooting, and gave me her camera to use, which I was more than happy to do. <3 Amanda and I took people, one at a time out to the grassy area and shot them, having them do different poses and things related to the character.

Bethany as Aerith: By ritzy-kun

I really liked using Cori's camera, it reminded me of one I have, but don't use since it's a really cheap one, and takes AAA batteries. xD Then the time came for Alex to get a shoot, and I jumped at the chance to finally shoot his Shinsengumi Haori!!! (I'm pretty sure that's what it's called)

Saitou drawing his sword: By ritzy-kun
Andddddd ATTACK! By: ritzy-kun
I also shot Cori, in her cosplay of an OC?? (I think) Named Daryn. :3

Daryn on  the Ratlines By: ritzy-kun
And, one of the last shoot were with Chris and Sempai, as Yukio (Ao No Exorcist) and Taiwan (Hetalia) They were soooooooooooo cute~ *0*

Couple o' Cuties By ritzy-kun
After all was said and done and people had to leave, Shrimp and Scoot showed up xD They had gotten there late, but it wasn't too big of a deal. We all hung out, took pictures, and I shot video of us all derping around as usual, and Alex and them doing Maji Love 1000%, which I'll have up on my YouTube soon~

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  1. Nice event recap! Summed up everything pretty well.

    LOLnope! I was hunting for you guys, not the restroom. XD I'm guessing you all were back at that one white building I'd passed on my way over to the Manor House. I missed you guys by thaaat much!

    Looking forward to seeing the derp video of us dancing to Maji Love 1000%~ ^o^