Tuesday, April 9, 2013

[Cosplay Spotlight] Kirihara Naoya -- NHG

Early last year, I caught wind of an anime called Night Head Genesis. I had seen pictures on  Tumblr of the anime and then watched it. After I had seen it, I literally bugged Alex to watch it as well, and he ended up loving as much as I did :D

It's the story of two brothers, who have special powers due to being able to use the hidden 70% of their brains. Normally regular people, according to the show can only use about 20% of their brain. Naoto is the older brother and Naoya, the younger.

Kirihara brothers: Naoto & Naoya

So in light of watching it, we decided to cosplay it. I ended up throwing together a really bad Naoya cosplay in the early weeks of May, and took it out for a photoshoot with a friend.

One of Naoya's I guess trademark things is to get flashes of horrible visions of event that cause him pain. When he gets them he holds his head screaming "Help me, Nii-san!!" xD I found that rather amusing.

In the same month I cosplayed Naoya, Alex saw my photos and I thought he should try Naoto! And he did~ (Though now that coat is modified for Saito. ^^;;)

I've also written a fan fiction for for the show lol. (Don't read unless you want/don't care for spoilers!!)

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