Saturday, June 8, 2013

[Cosplay and Convention Updates] 6.9.13

--A lot of stuff has been happening with me lately, and I've kinda been in convention want for a while, since BASHCon in February. Being unable to attend both Animarathon, in March, and ColossalCon this weekend, in Sandusky has been slightly hurtful. Both were conventions I wanted to attend, but certain things got in the way of them both. Though some other cons are up and coming soon, and I hope to attend as many as I can!~

--Recently, I've had a few photoshoots for some of my costumes, and I'll post those each later in other posts. This entry is focusing on the upcoming cons in the area, nearby state-wise, and what I'm planning to wear.

Con List!!

June 23rd [Bedford Library Con] - Kaoru Kaidoh
August 24th [International Cosplay Day] - Kaoru Kaidoh
Nov. 2nd MAYBE [Youmacon] - Kaoru Kaidou &/or Guy Cecil [Good Spirits]
Dec. 14-15th [TAGFest] - POSSIBLY Karneval cosplay with my cos partner [ArawnElidd A.K.A Alex] if not, Koga [and frolic as a Wolf in the cold xD]

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