Saturday, June 8, 2013

[Cosplay Photoshoot] || Guy Cecil // 6.8.13

Several hours ago, Rob and I went out to the field near my house and the trees near the field, and had a small photoshoot of my Guy Cecil [Good Spirits] costume. It's yet another W.I.P as I need a correct sword, and vest. I will not wear it again during Summer OMG even as the sun was low in the sky the humidity killed me xDDD I'd rather do his swim attire, Aquatic Ape so much more~~ I'd have to get another wig for that though lol.

Cosplaying Guy is very fun, and I've so far now done it four times, once at a party, at Youma 2011, both days I went, and yesterday during the shoot. :D He's a fun character, even with his phobia, and when I first played Tales of the Abyss for PS2, I fell in love with him upon seeing him come into Luke's room at the beginning of the game.

I'm such a lucky GUY [haha] to have an amazing cosplayer as my partner, Alex. He makes the best Asch ever!! <3
Alex as Asch The Bloody
Shot @ BASHCon 2012 by me
 Here's my few favorites from the shoot. To see everything, please see my FaceBook page >>HERE<<

Into The Face of Danger
Fixing the Barman's Image
Waiting for the enemy!
A Moment of Rest

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  1. You are such a stylish Guy, Ridia~ Great photo set!