Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bedford Library Con recap -- Image heavy!!

--So....long time no write huh? I've been amazingly preoccupied with things in my life and am finally having time to get to this. I feel very sad, though by a certain someone calling me names. But, I don't want to get angry over it, as it's too small of a thing. was mean.

--Recap: The con was amazing, and I saw tons of friends, got Manga, had fun playing Tennis with Nekuou. <3 This won't be very long for now (I'll edit later on) but I'll give main points.

  • I saw many friends [Nekuou, Chizuru, and her sis, Adam, and more~]
  • Had a photoshoot inside with Hakuouki love. :3
  • Played Tennis
  • Danced at the Rave
  • Had Ramen
  • Took tons of pictures
These photos are all un-edited only because I didn't get to them in the time span I needed to, so why bother? Still, they're going up now.

After cosplay contest photos -- Zoom of Nekuou and I

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