Saturday, June 8, 2013

[Cosplay Photoshoot] || Kaoru Kaidoh // 5.11.13

Last month, my friend Rob and I went down to the BGSU campus Tennis Courts to take some pictures of my W.I.P Prince of Tennis costume. [I've become a big Tennis fan, and practice frequently~ I hope to possibly attend a Tennis event down in Cincinnati in August!]It's still very much working to be finished, as I need to actually MAKE the right bandanna, Finish hemming my shorts, and a few other things.

We got some photos and a few are up on my FaceBook page >>HERE<< though I'll put my favorite ones here too.

The weather was rather gloomy, and I felt chilly in the Tank Top and shorts sitting against the net with my racquet and Tennis balls. Since then I've bought plenty more of the little green things and want to have another shoot possibly in a few weeks. \o\ We'll see what happens.

Taken from the Tumblr Post >>HERE<<

"I still need to finish the shorts, and they’re short on one side and I’ll get actual shorts soon. I also need the jersey, but I’m likely going to have to get the whole shebang, I’ll likely cosplay a few others of Seigaku.
Being a W.I.P it’s not the best in these pictures. (my binding is off center, my hair isn’t right [I need it cut again], and my shorts are still pinned. OTL) I’m such a nitpicker and really hate most of these but put ‘em up anyway.
I got actual Puma shoes today as a birthday gift to myself, and they’re awesome. I also need to get new/more Tennis balls, and a new racquet, the one I own is about 9 years old. ^^;;
More photos will be taken soon, and hopefully it’ll be a better day. Today was kinda cold and a bit rainy though we got to the courts in time for some photos before we walked on our way home and it began to rain."

Now photos!!!

My Puma shoes, though not the exact kind Kaidoh wears,
they were so worth the $52 for my b-day gift to myself <3
So, the shoes pictured above were bought specifically for both the costume and playing Tennis, though I need to get them stretched a bit, as they're tight in my toes, though they are my size. The 9s I tried on were too lose. and I wear 8 1/2

Kaidoh at the net

Don't mess with the Viper
Also, as I'm so into Prince of Tennis, I'm getting some friends to cosplay from it with me sometime in the near future!! Alex will be Tezuka Buchou, and Rob will be Momoshiro! :D When that happens, I hope maybe next year we can all go to a con as them and have fun Tennis times~~

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