Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cosplay Photos: Casual Ittoki & con recap of Animarathon 2014!!

Hey guys~ Just thought I'd post a little something for a recap of the first con of the Spring I went to a little over three weeks ago.
I attended Animarathon, a local convention organized by the Student run Anime Club on campus. It has been running for 12 years, and I've gone in '11, '12 and now '14.


Little Kuriboh was a guest at the con, and his Wife and he had to take three planes to get to Ohio from California!!

Martin "Little Kuriboh" signing items in the Dealer's Room/AA
Shot by: The BG News
I cosplayed as Ittoki Otoya of Uta No Prince-sama!! I had lots of fun and found some other Uta Pri people to hang with!~ I had sushi and then we walked around the con. I also came across two different Harukas!!

Eating Sushi with fellow Uta Pri cosplayers
Photo by: Syo
Piyo-chan on my Guitar case
Piyo-chan on my head~
 Also, I took some photos before my camera died XD;;;
Attack on Titan was seriously cosplayed at the con so I checked out the photoshoot outside~

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