Wednesday, April 9, 2014

2014 convention list

Here is my list of cons in my local area for 2014.
Some I may attend, and some I won't. Still, I'm putting this up for not
only my own benefit but for other people to see as well :D

**Shinboku con is happening this week -- I am not attending


**ShinbokuCon // Huron, OH -April 10th - 13th-

Midwest Media Expo // Detroit, MI -April 25th - 27th-

Anime Park // Canton, MI -May 10th-

Anime Central // Rosemont, IL -May 16th - 18th-

ColossalCon // Sandusky, OH -June 5th - 8th-

Glass City Con // Perrysburg, OH -July 26th - 27th-

IkasuCon // Fort Wayne, IN -Aug 1st - 3rd-

MatsuriCon // Colombus, OH -Aug 22nd - 24th-

Midoricon //Oregon, OH -Sept 5th -7th-

NyanCon // Kirtland, OH -Oct 4th-

Youmacon // Detroit, MI -Oct 30th - Nov.3rd-


This will be updated with costumes and such~ :3

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