Friday, June 20, 2014

Video Game History Museum Exhibit & Bedford Anime Convention 2014!!

Hey guys, so Animarathon was a real blast and now it's finally time for the Summer Con season to really kick off. I didn't attend Colossal but plan to go next year. This weekend I'm attending two events related to Video Games!!

      1. The Toledo Art Museum is hosting a very special exhibit on the history of video games!! It begun yesterday and extends through next Thursday. [facebook event]

I'll be cosplaying Phantom R from the 3DS game, Rhythm Thief and The Emperor's Treasure.

       2. The Bedford Library up in Temperance MI, is hosting their convention, and this year, it's Video Game themed!! I'll again, wear Phantom R or possibly Guy Cecil there, and will be heading up with my fiance and a friend. [facebook event]

I'm so excited for both events and cannot wait to debut Phantom R!! I've been playing the game a lot recently, and am stuck on a super hard Rhythm. xD the most hated one R21. I'll be back on Monday likely for entries on how things went and photos. :)

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